Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote

By Tiffany Schlarman

Columbia College is a proud supporter of Rock the Vote, a nationwide campaign that aims to engage young people in the electoral process. In the 21 years since its founding, Rock the Vote has registered more than 5 million voters. It has become a trusted source of information on registration and ballot-casting for young adults across the United States.

Rock the Vote is dedicated to building the political power of young adults through the electoral process and urging politicians to pay attention to issues that matter to young voters.

Since the millennial generation makes up nearly one-fourth of the 2012 electorate, there is a large challenge and opportunity in the upcoming election. By making themselves heard, young voters can affect the course of the nation, proving they have opinions and influence in how the country is operated. The challenge lies in making others aware of this leverage.

So, how can you show your patriotism and make your voice heard? Follow three easy steps to take control of your future:
  1. Register to vote at 
  2. Print, sign and mail your form
  3. Vote on Election Day, Nov. 6

Don’t miss your chance to register to vote. Make sure you’re registered by the deadline for your state:
  • Missouri Oct. 10
  • Alabama Oct. 26
  • California Oct. 22
  • Colorado Oct. 9
  • Florida Oct. 9
  • Georgia Oct. 9
  • Illinois Oct. 9
  • New York Oct. 12
  • Oklahoma Oct. 12
  • South Carolina Oct. 6
  • Texas Oct. 9
  • Utah Oct. 9
  • Washington Oct. 8