Columbia College and the Christian Church: Yes, you can!

AnniLauri Villeme, who received a Pastoral award, will graduate this year with a degree in forensic science.
You need a college education to get ahead these days. But college is expensive! Tuition, room and board; everything costs a lot of money.

How can you afford it?

Consider Columbia College. All Disciples of Christ church members who attend Columbia College for the first time are eligible for $2,000 in awards (a $1,000 Columbia College Disciples of Christ Pastoral Award plus $1,000 Disciples of Christ Schiffman Supplementary Award). And the number of awards isn’t limited per congregation, so multiple members of the same church are eligible.

AnniLauri Villeme, who will graduate in May 2013 with a degree in forensic science, lives on Columbia College’s beautiful, centrally located 30-acre campus — thanks to a Pastoral award and other scholarships.“I had a high GPA in high school and still do … I am pretty much going to school for free with the help of these grants,” she says.

How does Villeme like living on campus? “It’s really fun, with all the different events happening here,” she says. In April alone, students participated in a bad poetry contest, the launch of the new Columbia College Literary Review, a weekend-long alumni reunion and an Easter egg hunt. “I can be involved with what’s going on, get to meet new people,” Villeme says.

Columbia College is also one of the few colleges around with tuition guaranteed at a fixed rate so you and your family can plan your college finances with confidence.

Columbia College was founded in 1851 as Christian Female College by three Disciples of Christ preachers and has maintained a covenant with the church ever since. The school has a sizeable student population from all over the world, 10 different sports, daily fun activities and everything you’d expect from a hip college town like Columbia.

We take pride in our small classes (a 12:1 student-to-teacher ratio), experienced faculty with a master's degree or above, and quality educational programs. And no classes are taught by grad students or teaching assistants, ever.

Each year brings new and energetic students. This year, we hope it’s you.

Look us up at or give us a call at (800) 231-2391, ext. 7352. Everything you need for the awards is at, and there’s a Disciples of Christ church three blocks away.

So come home to Columbia College. Come home to friends.