Who’s looking out for you?

Todd Fox  escorts Glee castmember Chris Colfer
Todd Fox ’99 doesn’t have a lot of time to talk.

“I just landed back in the U.S. and am headed to the Middle East in three days to set up some shows for a client in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha,” he taps out on his smartphone. “Then off to South Africa and Australia."

Fox is head of Close Protection Corps, an international security firm specializing in celebrity and executive protection, and he and his people trot to every corner of the globe protecting everyone from the touring cast of “Glee” to Jay-Z, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Motley Crue and Montreal indie rockers Arcade Fire.
Book cover

And he’s written a book about it.

It’s called “ALL ACCESS: The Secrets of Tour Security,” a general overview of music touring and tour security.

“The book covers a topic that has no established history in writing — tour security,” Fox says. “There is no existing regulation in the industry. This means that a standard execution has never been adopted. The book is a macro overview of the basic elements one should know if they are looking to get into the business or are interested in what happens to protect the celebs they love.”

The book looks at industry regulation, touring staff functions, basic terminology, artist relations, security assessment processes, venue configurations, advancing protocol, budgets, emergency procedures, barricade systems, local staffing, credentials, even appropriate attire. Not for the rock stars - they dress however they want - for the security folks.

And yes, Fox, a former Marine and professional martial arts fighter, knows a thing or two about getting physical.
Todd Fox working security for Motley Crue

But “the idea is to never be engaged,” he says. “Security involves planning, organizing and choreographing everything that goes on so there won’t be any problem. If I’m fighting for you, then who’s looking out for you?”

As Maynard Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle) says in Fox’s book, “What do I pay Todd for? Peace of mind!”

The 120-page book is available at Fox’s website.