Columbia College 2011

The new academic year has begun.

New ribbon ceremony
The calendar might say August, but a new academic year has begun at Columbia College with the annual rituals of moving into the residence halls, meeting faculty, tearful parents, the new student pinning ceremony in Launer Auditorium and the brand-new ribbon ceremony on Bass Commons.

During the new student pinning ceremony, each Day Campus student receives a lapel pin featuring the words "commitment" and "Columbia College" against a chain of ivy and a white rose, symbolizing unity, sincerity and loyalty. At the end of the pinning ceremony, Columbia College staff members retrieve the rose and safeguard it until graduation, when it will be returned during the Ivy Chain ceremony.

During the ceremony, Anna Osborn, a 1991 psychology graduate and junior high school reading teacher in Columbia, urged students to stretch themselves as much as they could during these priceless four years—personally, in academics and in extracurricular activities.

For the college’s newest ceremony, students process through Rogers Gate and are handed two ribbons, one navy blue and the other silver. The students tie their pieces together to complete the circle and come together as one. They then proceed to the Ivy Chain Monument and drape the rock with the ribbon, symbolizing each student’s dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and experience and eventual graduation with its Ivy Chain ceremony — completing the ceremonial circuit.

Parents then got back in their vehicles to return to a suddenly emptier nest.