Columbia College presents checks to scholarship recipients

Montana McCollum, Michael Brown, Taylor Marino and Madeline Elliott

Teams from Public Relations and Admissions travel to high schools across the state of Missouri.

"Are you kidding me?" says a shocked and delighted dad who'd been called to his son's high school. "I thought you were in deep trouble!"

"Michael is a genius, and you are lucky to have him at your college," says a fellow student of another scholarship recipient.

"Super, super smart, really funny, a talented musician and talented magician," says a high school guidance counselor of a third recipient.

These are just a few of the voices in a new video showing Columbia College teams composed of members of the Public Relations and Admissions staff traveling to Montgomery City, Kansas City, Clarksville and Sedalia, Mo., to present giant, foam-and-cardboard checks to delighted high school students and their parents or guardians.

Competition for a Columbia College Scholarship or Presidential Scholarship is fierce. Applicants must have a minimum 3.5 GPA, have demonstrated outstanding school and community leadership, write an essay and then go through an interview with Columbia College faculty and staff.

The rewards, however, are high: the Columbia College Scholarship is worth full tuition, room and board and the Presidential Scholarship, full tuition.

Columbia College offers scholarship to students nationwide and internationally. One recent recipient, Panshak Dakup, hails from Nigeria.

Look for Michael Brown, from Montgomery City; Madeline Elliott, Eolia; Montana McCollom, Holt; and Taylor Marino, Sedalia on campus this fall!