When you are tired of London...

Columbia College offers two three-week sessions in the world's greatest city from June 12—July 2 and July 3-23

Kensington clock
…you are tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford, to paraphrase Samuel Johnson, and he knew what he was talking about.

London is arguably the world's greatest metropolis, home to more world-class museums and monuments, parks, squares and gardens, music, ballet and theater than you could possibly explore in one visit.

Luckily, Columbia College offers all students a chance to explore London in two three-week sessions. Session I runs from June 12—July 2 and Session II July 3-23.

Courses include:
  • The London Theater Scene
  • Dance Appreciation: London
  • Plein (Open) Air Watercolor: London Parks
  • London and the Empire: 1600-1900
  • Shakespeare
  • International Business
  • London and 19th-Century Literary and Visual Culture
  • Crime and Punishment in Britain
  • Post-Colonial Literature in English
  • Rock Music and Musical Theater: The British Invasion!
  • History of Health Care in Britain
  • International Travel and Tourism
  • Disaster, Terror & War: The Psychology of London
  • Education in England & America
  • Arthur in Myth & History
  • European Business
  • Great Epidemics of London
  • British Museums & Galleries
You may attend one or both sessions and earn from three to 15 credits. Internships are available.

Total estimated costs range from $5,227 for three credits in three weeks to $11,304 for 15 credits in six weeks. A typical program will cost slightly less than $6,000 for six credits in a three-week session. Estimated costs include airfare, tuition and expenses for food.

Students also may take one three-credit independent study course requiring visits to 15 separate sites and short papers.

Students will live in South Kensington flats (apartments), mere blocks from the dazzling Victoria & Albert Museum, Hyde Park, Albert Hall and Buckingham Palace. All flats have shared kitchens and are easily accessible by tube (subway) or bus.

Trips to Stonehenge, Bath, Oxford, Stratford-on-Avon, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court and other unforgettable English destinations also are available.

For more information and applications, contact Dr. Brian Kessel, Study Abroad Coordinator, at (573) 875-7625 or blkessel@ccis.edu. Additional information can also be found on the Study Abroad Web site, www.ccis.edu/day/academics/studyabroad.asp

Hurry! Deadline for application is April 5, 2010.