What does the Columbia College logo mean?

Columbia College logo
We recently received an intriguing question: what does the triangular Columbia College logo mean?

We recently received the following e-mail:

Dear Columbia College,
I’m trying to get the real meaning behind the Columbia College logo. Can you fill me in what Rogers Gate, the trees and the triangle represent?

We consulted with the college's top minds, and came up with the following answers:
  • "The gate symbolizes 158 years of access for underserved populations. The trees are evergreen, universal and ancient symbols of knowledge. The triangle is a delta, the Greek letter for change, which Columbia College has done successfully to survive and prosper during its long history."

  • "The triangle (delta) is the symbol of change, and the points on the triangle stand for:
    • The past, present and future
    • The three types of degrees Columbia College offers: associate, bachelor’s and master’s
    • The three types of campuses: main, nationwide and online."
We hope that helps.

Rogers Gates
Have other questions on Columbia College symbols or mysteries? We'll be happy to address them. (See our diligent work on the mystery of the Gray Lady, the Civil War-era Christian College student who supposedly threw herself from the parapets of Williams Hall).

Just write us at ccpublications@ccis.edu, and we'll take a crack at it.


Anonymous said...

Huh, just as Dr. Brouder described to staff last January.

Anonymous said...

umm, what about the triangle (pyramid), and the lighted torch (lantern)? Both are huge Freemason symbols.

Anonymous said...

What does "CCIS" stand for as in the web address?

Unknown said...

Good question!
In 1999 when the Technology Services office (at that time called the Information Systems office) first looked to create a website for the college, they saw that columbiacollege.edu was already taken. Also, the general thinking in the web community at the time was "shorter is better". So they chose ccis.edu, standing for CC Information Systems.
Although that particular acronym no longer fits the college, we decided that in fact it is appropriate for us if you look at it another way. CC Is Education.

Anonymous said...

So much for the symbolism behind the logo I guess.

Anonymous said...

Definitely would like to see their logo changed!

Suzi said...

Definately would like to see the logo change!

Anonymous said...

It’s sad to see such a prestigious looking logo with a rich history be thrown away for something that could be made in MS Paint in less than 2 minutes… hope CC didn’t pay too much for it =(