The Columbian newspaper

The Columbian, Columbia College's student newspaper, has gone electronic.

The Columbian, the college's student newspaper, is now available online at Inside, you'll read a story on the late lamented Cash for Clunkers program, a story on the fierce Cougars volleyball team, a profile of Kenyan volleyball star Maria Omondi (who wants to go home to Kenya), and a fascinating class on chaos theory taught from mathematical, mythical and literary viewpoints. If a butterfly flaps its wings in Kenya, will the Cougars win? Let's hope.

The paper's faculty advisor, adjunct instructor in Humanities and Human Services Sonya Swanson Carney, said the print run will be cut in half and its design outsourced to Tribune Publishing so students can focus their energy on developing quality stories for online consumption.

The online edition of the newspaper is the latest incarnation in a long line of Columbia College student newspapers. The Ragtime Gazette, the first true student newspaper, made its debut in 1902. The Gazette was replaced by The Campus Coverall in 1926, and the Coverall three years later by the Microphone under the guidance of Mary Paxton Keeley. The Columbian in turn made its debut in 1979, and is now guided – not edited – by Carney.

Kudos to Carney and Beth Hastings, Web designer, for their hard work in switching The Columbian on.