Columbia College adds new faculty

The college welcomed five new full-time faculty members

Columbia College has added five new full-time faculty members on the main campus:

Linda Bradley, visiting instructor of education, earned her bachelor's degree in education from the University of Kentucky and her master's degree in education and reading from Eastern Kentucky University. Bradley recently completed 40 years of teaching K-12, retiring in May from Columbia Public Schools. She also has been an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College since 1996 teaching evening, online and graduate courses. Bradley serves on the National Committee for Adolescent Literacy and represents the state of Missouri on the Striving Readers Initiative for adolescents.

"I love teaching and learning!" she says. "I look forward to my work at CC both now and in the future."

Her daughter, Dara Bradley '02, '06 (one of three children), earned first a bachelor's then a master's degree in education from Columbia College.

Dr. Tonia Compton '99, assistant professor of history, earned her bachelor's degree from Columbia College, her master's from Texas A & M University in 2001 and her doctorate from the University of Nebraska in 2009 in history. Her primary fields of expertise are women’s history and nineteenth century United States. Compton also is working on turning her dissertation, “Proper Women/Propertied Women: Federal Land Laws and Gender Order(s) in the Nineteenth-Century Imperial American West” into a book. Compton works summers doing first-person history presentations through the Kansas-Nebraska Chautauqua (, performing the character of Aimee Semple McPherson. She also has portrayed Dolley Madison for the Great Plains Chautauqua. Compton says stalwart college supporter and alumni trustee Peggy Price '43 recruited her to come to Columbia College.

Sharilyn Reedy, instructor of nursing, earned a bachelor's degree in nursing and a master's degree in nursing education from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Reedy has over 20 years of clinical nursing experience in adult critical care nursing, cardiac catherization lab nursing and post-anesthesia care nursing. She has been an adjunct clinical nursing instructor for the Columbia College Nursing Program, main campus, since 2005. She and her husband live on 117 rural acres, and she loves to ride her bicycle – so much so that her family dedicated a trailside bench in her honor.

Dr. Sean Siebert, assistant professor of business administration, comes to Columbia College from William Woods University, Fulton, Missouri. While at William Woods, Siebert served as vice president and dean of graduate and adult studies, leading the university to record enrollments in these programs and helping the university maintain a strong financial position. Under his leadership, William Woods also established the largest athletic and activities administration program in the nation and the largest master of education program in Missouri, and the university was recognized by Ingram’s Magazine for having a top five rated MBA program.

Siebert was previously employed by the University of Missouri, serving as human resource manager for the Department of Internal Medicine and as manager of business and financial operations for the Department of Pediatrics. Siebert holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri, a master’s degree from William Woods and a doctorate of management degree from Webster University.

Siebert has made research contributions in several areas of business and management. He has given many lectures and presentations regarding management theory and been published by the online version of the Wall Street Journal. His current research includes strategic management in academic and health care settings and decision-making theory in relation to the concept of bounded rationality.

Dr. Siebert and his wife Myra, have three children, the youngest not yet 1 year old.

Dr. Karen Weston, assistant professor of education, earned a bachelor's degree from Stephens College in mathematics, a master's degree in curriculum and Instruction (math education) and a doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Weston has about 20 years of experience teaching at the college level, most recently in the Teaching Fellows program at the University of Missouri and directing the Center for Advancement of Mental Health Practices in Schools. During the last decade, Weston has won four teaching awards at the University of Missouri, one national award for creativity in online education and one national award for innovation in workforce development. She also is active in a national research-to-practice group called the Mental Health and Education Integration Consortium (MHEDIC), and publishes when she can on issues related to social-emotional learning and teacher development.

Weston and her husband have four children ages 33, 32, 21, and 17. ("Wow….all of this is making me feel really old!")