Columbia College students continue to score major points on Major Field Test

student in library
Latest MFT results show Columbia College students continue to learn — and test — extremely well.

In 2008-09, 1,447 Columbia College seniors took the Major Field Test in biology, business (bachelor's and master's), chemistry, computer science, criminal justice, English, history, literature, mathematics, political science, psychology and sociology. Of that number, an amazing 103 students scored in the top 10 percent of all U.S. students taking the test.

Scoring well on the test isn't just cause for celebration among faculty and staff; a good score also qualifies the brainy student to wear a special blue and silver cord in the graduation ceremony.

The tests are two-hour, nationally normed exams in 16 academic disciplines administered to more than 100,000 students in nearly 1,000 colleges annually. The MFT tests, developed by the Educational Testing Service, are administered to seniors as part of Columbia College’s ongoing effort to evaluate the effectiveness of bachelor's degree programs.

Below is a list of all students who have received scores of 90% or above on the MFT examination from Sept. 2008 through July 2009, and the campus at which they took the test.

For the first time, the Evening and Online campuses were tied in the number of test-takers scoring 90% or above, with 16 students apiece. Last year, the Evening Campus, at 15, outperformed their Online Campus cousins, at 10.

Among Nationwide campuses, St. Louis was far away No. 1, with 15 students. A very close second was the main campus, which had 14 students scoring above 90%; third was Salt Lake, with 9 students. These three campuses were also the top three campuses last year, but Salt Lake was No. 2 and the main campus No. 3. Is it something in the Missouri and Utah water?'

Congratulations to all these students and the outstanding faculty who taught them!

Valerie Gantzler Aurora, Colo.
Gene McCausey Aurora, Colo.
Scott T. Quinn Christian County, Mo.
John M. Quinn Christian County, Mo.
James L Baker Coast Guard Island, Calif.
Brett M Keteles Coast Guard Island, Calif.
Martin Badrov Crystal Lake, Ill.
Tracy Everhart Crystal Lake, Ill.
Pamela  Mason Crystal Lake, Ill.
David J. Sander Crystal Lake, Ill.
Daniel R. Boynton Elgin, Ill.
Alisa D. Lindmark Elgin, Ill.
Ronald Bibb Evening Campus
Travis Bogart Evening Campus
Stephen Brookins Evening Campus
Joseph Burns Evening Campus
Frank Garro Evening Campus
Casey Gentry Evening Campus
Lisa Giamalva Evening Campus
Tracy Gladden Evening Campus
Alija Hamzic Evening Campus
Cecily Layton Evening Campus
Roxanne O'Loughlin Evening Campus
Sylvester Oluoch Evening Campus
Christopher Reimer Evening Campus
Bryan Sappington Evening Campus
Patricia Schreiner Evening Campus
Jason Self Evening Campus
Alexander Marchenkoff Fort Drum, N.Y.
Christopher Davis Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
Robert Post Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
Jose Rocha Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
Chad O'Brien Fort Worth, Texas
Sherry Hunt Hancock Field, N.Y.
Patrick Hughes Jacksonville, Fla.
Mark A Adams Jefferson City, Mo.
Elizabeth Willard Jefferson City, Mo.
Anita Chapley Lake County, Ill.
Adam J. Wolfe Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.
Geoffrey Blackwell Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Jason Boyd Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Joshua Heeter Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Danielle Keeling Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Jessica Luster Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Logan Muehlman Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Jayden Roberts Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Irina Rodina Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Matt Unverferth Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Yanli Wang Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Kathleen Williams Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Jared Willis Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
David Winscott Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Timothy Steele Main campus, Columbia, Mo.
Jacob Grotewiel Moberly, Mo.
Chrissandra Porter Moberly, Mo.
David J. Harvey NAS Jacksonville, Fla.
Joshua J. Shope Online Campus
Joyce K. Keeton Online Campus
Charles Lippold Online Campus
Mark Brooks Online Campus
Sherie Diedrich Online Campus
Christopher Gomez Online Campus
Michael Hathaway Online Campus
Jerry Martinez Online Campus
Scott MolyneauxOnline Campus
Dawn Musick Online Campus
Emily Ousley Online Campus
Christopher Reeves Online Campus
James Shockley, Jr. Online Campus
Ashley Stetto Online Campus
Mary Wade Online Campus
Michelle Watson Online Campus
Thomas D Triplett Rolla, Mo.
Benjamin McNail Rolla, Mo.
Blair Barfuss Salt Lake, Utah
Ryan Carter Salt Lake, Utah
Travis Cloyd Salt Lake, Utah
Lenard Middaugh Salt Lake, Utah
Michael Miles Salt Lake, Utah
Robert Momson Salt Lake, Utah
Tyson Taylor Salt Lake, Utah
Tiffany Twitchell-Smith Salt Lake, Utah
Bruce E. Weaver Salt Lake, Utah
Beverly Anderson St. Louis
Monte Bryant St. Louis
Julie Calcagno St. Louis
Trina Clerkley St. Louis
Melissa Curran St. Louis
Jill Greene St. Louis
Stephanie Holliam St. Louis
Garry Miller St. Louis
Yolanda Mosley St. Louis
Carmen Murphy St. Louis
Rosalind Owens St. Louis
Joseph Piotrowicz St. Louis
Rosalind Portis St. Louis
Charlotte Struttman St. Louis
Sophia Walton St. Louis
Natalie Boyer Whidbey Island, Wash.
Michael Ojeda Whidbey Island, Wash.
John D. Philllips Whidbey Island, Wash.
Christopher Grenfell Whidbey Island, Wash.


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Great job Evening Campus, and all who scored high on the MFT