Celebrate Sid Larson

Celebrate Sid Larson

In late June, Columbia College held a celebration of the life of Distinguished Professor Emeritus Sid Larson in Launer Auditorium on its main campus.

This extraordinary man had many facets – World War II sailor, painter, teacher, husband, father and mentor. He blessed Columbia College with his talent and zest for life for 50 years.

As Terri Lass said, "In Sid Larson, God and art collaborated on a true masterpiece."

Watch this space for a slideshow coming soon. Meanwhile, here is a poem by a former student:

For Sid

I don’t think you knew
that it’s my favorite word
a word I use to feel
intellectual, artistic, mature

You probably forgot all about
giving me this word
back when I needed one more
for that vocabulary assignment
You were happy to help
pronouncing it with flair

When I think of you
the word comes to mind
it echoes around all the other memories
it colors the murals I watched you paint
and the new details each day
it’s trapped in the jar
with all your ears and noses
all the little memories
that take so long to tell
the little things that made you special to me
that made me feel like I was special to you

So every time I use the word
I’m going to think of you
I’ll miss your smile, your laugh
but I’ll know you’re not gone
you’re still here in memory
and in my favorite word

Since I’m remembering
smiling while I miss you
I’ll use the word once here


Grace Warn '08


Stephen Carpenter said...

As a national campus adjunct, I never had the pleasure of meeting Sid Larson, though we share a particular passion "art". And what a moving tribute the poem is. "Chiarscuro" , what a great word, and an unfathomable meaning which is so fitting for such a complex individual. And I too, smiled, at the word.
Steve Carpenter, Hancock Campus